Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Library Junkie

I'm a full-on, complete, no-holds-barred library junkie! Just the smell of the place makes me swoon!

We have a shelf full of library books at home. Most are about homeschooling, a bunch are ones the kids picked out, some are learning to read books (in English, of course) and a few are novels that I've wanted to read. Then we have the whole row of DVDs: the entire first and second seasons of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, countless kids educational DVDs (and a few oddities like Rubadubbers' "High Noon in the Bathroom" where animated bath toys have a show-down - very educational indeed), a few political DVDs which my husband picked up and finally French and Spanish movies with subtitles - my favorites!

I think we have over 80 items checked out right now and another 50 on hold.

Today I went into the library to pick up two more books and I felt a little giddy the whole time - like when I was a kid and my birthday or Christmas had arrived and there were gifts with my name on them.

We have so many libraries in Seattle that we can choose the books we want online, then ask that they be delivered to the library closest to us. Fabulous! Who needs Amazon when we can order free books from the library, have them delivered and just pick them up on the way to get the kids from daycare.

Hallelujah - I love the library!

Oh - and my kids do too. :-)


Sarah said...

I love libraries too! And I'll probably be working at one soon...stay tuned!

santi said...

Ooooh that 's one thing I love about living in suburban illinois. Our library system works just like yours. Both my husband and I are also library junkies ... we borrow hundreds of books, CDs, DVDs .... no need for amazon, no need for blockbusters!!

Albena said...

What I pleasure to hear it! I'm a librarian in New Jersey, and I think I am the same junkie as you, Corey. Everybody in my family has a library card, and I have never returned home from work without bringing new books and DVDs!
I'm happy we share one more passion besides the multilingualism. I'm desperately trying to teach my US-born children my native Bulgarian, and your magazine has been helping and encouraging a lot! Keep publishing, please!