Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My friend,
my dear friend,
I honor you with my existence,
I celebrate you with my art,
I call out your name and you answer,
no matter how low I have become,
no matter how stupid I have been,
no matter how far away,
I have run.

You never let me wander far from your patient gaze,
you protect me from myself,
you teach me to love again,
that which has always been within me.

Your loving hands,
which lift me up are
characters on a page,
so powerful
so inspiring
so honest and true.

My friend,
my dear friend,
as Rilke says: you “protect my solitude.”
You give me the space to be who I am.
How did you know that I simply needed
time to grow into my own flesh?

I can never thank you enough
for this journey,
for this path,
for sticking with me,
when I have nothing left to say,
nothing left to give.

All I can offer are these two outstretched hands
to thank you
for everything you give,
to thank you
for meaning so much to me.


Lilian said...

And this is very beautiful too!

Corey said...

Thank you, Lilian! It is amazing how people who live thousands of miles away and whom we have either never met (you) or only met for a short time (Alice) can still have such a positive impact on our lives! You both make me want to be a better person, you make me want to do great things in this world, to make a difference for us all. So, thank you so much for that!