Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For the Love of MAOAM

I have a weakness for MAOAM. Those fruity flavors, that chewy texture. I generally like fruit-flavored candy but nothing matches MAOAM. I'm not surprised that my kids love these little guys as well. And I won't even go into the joy we have when we open one of those mega-mix packs! Mmmm! I haven't found them in the US yet, which is GOOD! If you know where to purchase them here, don't tell me! Spare me the extra pounds that I really don't need!


Lilian said...

Hey Corey, the comment has nothing to do with the post (although I really feel I'd love those too!). I just wanted to say that I added you to my blogroll and that I'm positively thrilled that you're a more "regular blogger" like us now. Welcome to blogging!

Alice in Austria said...

Isabella and I love Maoam too!!!! Good, so now i know what to send you one of these days .. ;)

Hope you guys are all feeling better. I was starting to get a bit worried about you.

(Over here, now it's NIki's turn to be sick and I am still battling with it. It looks like you and we are all dealing with the same virus. Do you think that's possible, given the distance between us??)

Corey said...

Hi you two! Yes, Lilian, things ARE better on this side of the blogging world. ;-) Thank you for adding me. I expect a ton of traffic now, you social butterfly you!

Alice, don't even think of sending me any Maoam... I'll just eat them all up and feel guilty. ;-)

Yes, I do wonder why we end up getting ill around the same time. Hmmm. The good news on our side - everyone seems to be on the up and up in terms of health. Fingers crossed.

melissa said...

oooohhh... my kids and I love MAOM, too!!!

Juliet said...

Hi, Corey!
I've never heard of those candies. What is there country of origin?

Glad to see you have a blog. I'll link you right away! ^_^

kate said...

Hey, I'm adding you too!

Oh, and I'd like to hear about your five-year-old learning to read, too. Here they start with the vowels at 4 and then the rest at 5, but so far my son knows U, A, and I (from school, and a few more from home.)

christina said...

Gret new blog, Corey! My kids also love Maoam.

Corey said...

Melissa: Hi! By the way, just yesterday I found another Maoam in the pocket of my pants when cleaning them out for laundry. I felt a little bad hiding out in the basement and eating it all by myself while the kids were upstairs. :-)

Juliet: Thanks for linking me! We have found them in Germany. I assume they are of German origin?

Kate: Thanks for linking me! I was going to ask if I could link your other blog as well? Yes, I am going to blog about our experiences with learning to read. Not sure it will be interesting or helpful but it will be fun for me to blog about it!

Christina: Hi! Aren't these candies just so yummy!? Since those who live in Germany and Austria know about them, I'm thinking they must be a creation of the German-speaking world? Europe just seems to do things right when it comes to sweets!!