Saturday, January 20, 2007

Short It Is

Ah, it is so nice to have so much of my hair gone. Like starting over, beginning again. Kristin at the Caruh salon was fabulous! She asked me questions, listened to what I said I liked and didn't like, pulled out a book of photos and we decided together what would be a good style. Wow, I was really impressed. Of course, as expected, the scalp and hand massages were great. I think I really need some pampering. ;-)

Here are a couple of photos that I took a few minutes ago. They don't really do the haircut justice since the lighting is poor in our bathroom (by the way, check out that cool, retro tile we have in the shower/bath. Ackkk, I hate it! Was there when we bought the house).

The catch will be how the cut withstands my not doing ANYTHING fancy with it. I'm a wash and go kind of gal. Now that it is winter and too cold for that, I'm a wash at night, quick blow dry and sleep kind of gal which means I often wake up with one side flat against my head. Anyone have that problem as well? Any advice?


Alice in Austria said...

you look great!!!!! Excellent haircut. I wish I could have it that short. A hairdresser once told me I shouldn't even try because my hair is very thick and wavy and grows fast, so it won't look good for long.
I got my hair cut a few cm and straightened too, about two weeks ago. I looked good for about three days, then I returned to my usual hairstyle (chaotic) ;)

Juliet said...

Love the haircut! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience at the salon.

I son't have the problem you have with your hair. But I keep mien short because it is very curly and hard to tame when it is long.

Corey said...

Alice and Juliet: THANK YOU! I'm still liking it even though it is a little crazy when I wake up in the morning. But I am learning the fun of hair clips again! ;-)

Also, I think it just looks better on me to have short hair. I lose a lot of the curl but I guess it is just the price I'll have to pay. Of course, now that it is winter, brrr, my ears and neck are very cold.

I just realized that I didn't take a before photo. Maybe I can find one.

Trisha said...

I like the new look. For me shorter hair is just easier especially when you have a thousand things to do in the morning!

Corey said...

Trisha: Tell me about it! Today was my first work day with the new cut and it has gone well so far. Since it is short, I can actually still blow dry it on low setting and still make my bus to work! Yippee! Still haven't figured out how to deal with the flat bed-head hair if I don't have time for a shower. Hmm.

Lilian said...

AWESOME hair, Corey. I hope I can afford to go to a nice salon someday... I just long so much to have someone talk to me, listen to what I say, look at photos, and give suggestions of what to do with my hair. I think the secret for you will be trimming it at regular intervals with the same hairstylist so the effect of the good cut lasts.

Corey said...

Lilian: Ahhh, it is like heaven to visit one of these hairdressers. Course, I feel completely relaxed after a visit to the dentist (sitting back in that chair, can't say anything, my glasses are off so I can't see anything, just hanging out with nothing to do, people fussing over just little old me) so you can imagine what a visit to a hairdresser is like who gives a scalp and hand massages... did I mention the massages? Hee hee. The thing is, since it is an expensive luxury for me ($45) I tend to do exactly the wrong thing and let my hair grow out for 6 months or so before I consider going back. Then they have to start all over again (as you were mentioning). But if I calculate the cost if I were to go every 8 weeks... gosh, I don't know. Can I afford it? I am going to have to think about it a bit.