Friday, January 19, 2007

How Short Should I Go?

I haven't had a haircut since my last one in August, right before going to Germany (CLICK here to see a photo of me and Alice). And since I am giving a seminar next week, I decided I need to get a haircut so that I will look at least semi-professional. I mean, who wants to participate in a seminar with someone who looks like she can't even take care of herself! (At least no one can see the mess of a house we have - but, I digress...)

The question is how short should I ask them to cut it? I am extremely UN-photogenic and have this face that looks horrible in photos no matter what I do, so I can't really tell which length is best. When I got my hair cut really short right before C was born, I got quite a few compliments. But having it that short means I lose a lot of my natural curls. Yet, when my hair is long, it seems to bring out features that I'd rather forget I have... like that jowl that I inherited from my grandfather (sorry grandpa, but it is true) and which it looks like my kids inherited as well. Sigh.

Well, I go into the salon this afternoon so we'll see what I end up with. I'll probably decide while I'm sitting on the chair, after they give me that great scalp and hand massage with relaxing oils. A scalp and hand massage for a busy mom with three kids is enough to make me say, "Just chop it all off... be done with it. And can you give me just one more massage?"


Lilian said...

Well, I hope you were able to decide. Too bad I only read this now. I was going to suggest a little shorter than shoulder length. It's been working well with my curly hair. When it dries it gets even shorter, but not too short. Oh, and if your hair is curly, it's best to have it longer in the back and slightly shorter around the face, since this is the part that straightens more easily...

well, these are just suggestions. I struggle with hair troubles too. I've been planing a post about that for AGES now!

As for being a social butterfly... well, I try, but most people on my blogroll don't read me... I read them anyway ;)

Corey said...

Lilian: thank you for the suggestion! Well, it is done. I went short! I am going to try to have R take a photo of me soon so I can post it.

The lady who did the cut was GREAT! She talked with me for quite a while to find out exactly what I wanted. She pulled out a book with photos and we discussed what would look good on me and what wouldn't. It was just so great, totally worth the money and I will definitely go back to her again.

It used to be that I'd just go in somewhere and say, "cut it off and do whatever you want." But then I got a few horrible cuts (even with expensive places) so now I kind of watch it a bit.

Well, compared to me you are social butterfly. :-)